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TadaoCern – Tadas Cerniauskas # I find the Van Gogh one to be scarily believable

TadaoCern – Tadas Cerniauskas.

BBC: Met Office three-month forecast was ‘not helpful’ # in other news, the Met Office has a ‘soul’

A soul-searching Met Office analysis later confessed: "Given that April was the wettest since detailed records began in 1910 and the April-May-June quarter was also the wettest, this advice was not helpful."

In a note to the government chief scientist, the Met Office chief scientist Prof Julia Slingo explains the difficulty of constructing long-distance forecasts, given the UK’s position at the far edge of dominant world weather systems.

via BBC News – Met Office three-month forecast was 'not helpful'.

Warning: We believe that attackers backed by certain states may be attempting to compromise your account or computer.

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 23.52.46

Sigh. A little more info would be helpful as to what has triggered this…

Your account could be at risk of state-sponsored attacks
About the security threat

If you were directed to this page from a warning displayed above your Gmail inbox, we believe that state-sponsored attackers may be attempting to compromise your account or computer.
It’s likely that you received emails containing malicious attachments, links to malicious software downloads, or links to fake websites that are designed to steal your passwords or other personal information. For example, attackers have often been known to send PDF files, Office documents, or RAR files with malicious contents. We strongly recommend that you avoid clicking links or attachments in suspicious messages.

It’s important to note that Google’s internal systems are not compromised and that this message does not refer to one specific campaign. We routinely receive abuse reports from users, as well as from our internal systems that monitor for suspicious login attempts and other activity. To help defend the integrity of these systems, we aren’t sharing more details about these attacks. However, after carefully studying the abuse reports, we decided to show you the message in Gmail to help warn and protect you from potential attacks.

It’s not that the guy won’t get up at 8am so much as he admitted to benefit fraud live, on-air…

Here: LISTEN: Jobless Man Who Won’t Get Up At 8am | LBC.

Bluetooth-Sniffing Highway Traffic Monitors Vulnerable to MITM Attack | The Security Ledger

Where have we heard this before?

But researchers from the University of California at San Diego and the University of Michigan found that the Post Oak system isn’t as secure as promised. The AWAM Bluetooth Reader Traffic System doesn’t use sufficient entropy when generating authentication and host keys that are used to secure communications to and from the devices. In other words: the supposedly random keys aren’t really random. That means a knowledgeable attacker could guess the host key of reused or non-unique host keys, then carry out a man-in-the-middle attack against the traffic monitoring system.

Even World of Warcraft is tracking you! # Steganography in Virtual Reality

Check these out:

Steganographic identification of images in virtual worlds – like we’ve seen previously with printers:

Wanna bet that someone is going to try mandating this stuff real soon now?

ps: sorry if this post looks rubbish, it appears that WordPress have recently banjaxed their Android app and the editor pane is barely usable; the Link button generates HTML in a richtext pane, yielding chaos…

UPEK Fingerprint Readers: a Huge Security Hole | Advanced Password Cracking – Insight

Via the inestimable and wonderful @glynwintle

Rhondda Rhapsody (Rhapsody of Love) – The Melachrino Orchestra