Can anyone identify this Curious Booze Contraption?


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This is a friend’s device, inherited.

Estimated date of manufacture: ~1950 (just a guess, but plausible)

Initially I was thinking that it screamed Absinthe Fountain – but the vine decoration and optic-like push dispenser suggest not.

Perhaps it’s just a white wine cooler?

Update: I suspect the lid is from a different thing, it clashes with everything else.

Update 2: Found it!

6 thoughts on “Can anyone identify this Curious Booze Contraption?

    1. alecm Post author

      Well done you!

      Yes I can guarantee the age back to the 60s at least, but that’s another story. 🙂

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  2. Dave Walker

    It’s a handsome thing, certainly. Shape is reminiscent of some lab glassware I used to use many years ago; I have a vague memory of something shaped like this with a condenser sticking out the top of it, so I must have been using it to reflux something.

    This also suggests the shape is involved in enabling heat to get to the contents; therefore as it’s for wine, it suggests it’s something you’d keep your red in, to maintain it at room temperature. Not sure what you’d do about sediment, though; probably pre-decant (with a traditional decanter) into this.

    Roughly what size is it?

  3. jim Huber

    I have a double system. We bought it in Germany circa 1963. The reason that I was looking it up is to find out if anyone can suggest a way to keep it from leaking.


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