4 thoughts on “Better than a reusable coffee cup: An edible coffee cup made out of a cookie | Grist

  1. Weeze

    I like this a lot. However, it has the same problem you run into when dunking your biscuits (cookies)–soak them in the tea for exactly the right amount of time so that you can lift them out, and then get your mouth on to it at exactly the moment that it starts to disintegrate . . . at what point must you be finished with your tea/coffee in order to forestall a horrible accident?

  2. Dave Walker

    *Very* cool :-).

    What’s the lining (looks like icing, but wouldn’t expect it to be), and as has already been mentioned, how long is it expected to remain coffee-tight?

    1. alecm Post author

      I think the lining is some form of hard sugar icing, perhaps a bit like christmas cake icing in a thin layer

  3. Francine Tocco

    how and who do u buy these from???? I want them and will decide and post later what I think>


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