.@Nick_Clegg declares public support for #CCDP’s distributed database – @libdems

It’s great to see Governments finally adopt Enterprise IT Architecture terminology:

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg says he is “totally opposed to the idea of Government’s reading people’s e-mails at will or creating a totally new central Government database but the point is we are not doing that”.

Video: Clegg ‘totally opposed’ to central database | ITV News.

Exactly; instead they’re going to use a distributed database to snoop on everybody.

Much more robust.

Also: who needs to read e-mail content when you know someone’s been browsing:


…and you won’t need a warrant to peruse the list of those (and other) URLs that someone’s been browsing…

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  1. Simon

    Nick looks terrible, he needs some sleep, perhaps they have substituted an illiberal Nick and the skin doesn’t fit so well.


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