The Traveling Cryptographer’s Problem

Having enjoyed the grand success that is Terminal 5’s baggage handling system and mentioning this to Jim he in turn pointed me to “The Travelling Cryptographer’s Problem“:    

(by James Birkett and Gaven Watson, (best rump presentation award) at EuroCrypt 2008)

2 thoughts on “The Traveling Cryptographer’s Problem

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  2. Robin Wilton

    Passenger at Check-in: “Hi – I’d like to check in for the flight to Toronto, please”

    Check-in Assistant: “Certainly, sir, and do you have any bags to check in?”

    PAC: “Yep, two cases please, and, uh, I’d like this one to go to Karachi, and this one’s for Frankfurt”

    CIA: “Erm… I’m sorry, sir, but if you’re fliying to Toronto I don’t think we can do that”

    PAC: “Why not…? You managed it last time”


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