UK Bloggers & Tweeters: Be aware that the Royal Charter re: #Leveson is also aimed at regulating *you*

I mentioned this last night, but just for the sake of clarity:

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 09.11.02

Don’t say that you weren’t warned.

You do know what will happen to you if you are sued and have not signed up to the voluntary regulation scheme? ‘Course you do!

13 thoughts on “UK Bloggers & Tweeters: Be aware that the Royal Charter re: #Leveson is also aimed at regulating *you*

  1. alecm Post author

    ps: anyone who says “Yes, but this is all about ‘smoke filled rooms’ and controlling Murdoch, they’d never do it to bloggers” has no memory of any previous overreach of powers by the state, police or other regulators.

  2. Dave Walker

    Bloody Hell. I’ll raise the profile of this tonight, and see if clarification / correction can be written and propagated quickly (but not hastily).

    I’ll read the whole document beforehand, as there are some questions arising from the isolated segment above, and I need to see if they are answered elsewhere. eg:

    What if I’m “publishing” to an Intranet? Is a “website” defined as needing to be routable from the public Internet?

    There are many circumstances where “the publication takes place in the United Kingdom” is a nonsensical statement, what does it mean in terms of the author being physically in the UK, the device the article is written on or posted from being physically in the UK, the communications mechanism (specific routers, etc) between client and server being physically in the UK or owned by a UK-registered company, the server (including caching proxies) the audience reads the piece on, being physically in the UK or owned by a UK-registered company? For once, “is targetted at an audience primarily in the United Kingdom” is actually useful clarification!

    As it stands, and as Twitter and Facebook are included in scope, the Regulator, once it forms, needs to be able to handle a spike of (mental arithmetic: UK population circa 66 million, minus 7 million for marginalised people who have not used the Internet according to the ONS, minus say another 7 million under-10s who have yet to post anything news-related, minus a few more for my errors and convenient rounding) 45 million registration requests…

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  9. Dave Walker

    CTF stuff. Mentioned it to a couple of members who are both bloggers and well-respected journalists…

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