3 thoughts on “Mexican Weed Cannon Launches Packages Of Marijuana Into California # Next thing they’ll ban long metal tubes

  1. Stephen Smoogen

    My guess is that they would ban it in California and then wonder why Mexico isn’t doing so. In Arizona, they will go the opposite and make sure everyone is armed with a Weed Cannon to fire it back.

  2. Stephen Smoogen

    Should have read the article first. They are launching the stuff into Arizona and it is a plastic tubing like you can get at a home supply place. It actually looks like something they built on MythBusters.. oh I knew there was a reason we shouldn’t show science on TV.. it arms the bad guys with knowledge.

  3. Dave Walker

    That looks like a standard domestic sewage outflow pipe, so if anyone decided to ban these, they’d rapidly find themselves in the sh*t (ba-dum, tsh). More seriously, if you think hard enough, pretty much everything can come under the heading of “dual-use technology”, one way or another.


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