7 thoughts on “Is/was it only a Sun Microsystems thing to refer to zip/cable ties as ‘rat tails’

  1. Dave Walker

    After 11.5 years at Sun (much of which was spent in datacentres and server rooms), I think this is the first time I’ve encountered the term…

  2. alecm Post author

    Not just us:


    > The balun is laid parallel against the top of the pole and held in place using strong cable-ties (rat’s tails).


    > You will also find that some wires are bundled together with rat-tails or cable-ties.


    > rat tails, rubber glue, open eye needle, small round file or similar, 2x gas cyls with valve bit or small bike pump (better but harder work)

  3. fatals

    I remember the term, but as I worked at Sun in the UK at the same time as you, that’s not really very surprising. However, I’ve always called them cable-ties.


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